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Consider a mix of resources

Consider a mix of resources

Consider a mix of resources

If you identify shortfalls, how will you bridge the gap? By reprioritizing and shifting some duties, can one or more staff members be reassigned to an urgent project when it comes in? The manager may be able to combine some functions or create project teams to focus on critical but temporary activities, with these groups quickly disbanding or reassembling, depending on changing needs.
Redeploying full-time staff may partially address rising demands, but this step alone isn't likely to be the answer to all your company's staffing concerns.  If core staff are fully occupied and you have new tasks that must be handled on a long-term basis, it may make sense to hire additional permanent staff. If upcoming projects are of limited duration or you need specialized skills unavailable internally, a mix of full-time and temporary employees may be your best bet. In some cases, outsourcing, or turning over an entire function to an outside specialist, may suit your needs best. The point is that by adopting a strategic staffing approach, your options multiply. You gain flexibility. It allows you and other company managers to rapidly expand or contract a well-thought-out mix of talent to meet both current and long-term goals.

Reassess goals annually

Change is the name of the game in business. Company priorities will undoubtedly shift over time as management seeks ways to keep the firm competitive.  As a result, you and the managers you support should consider performing your needs assessments on an annual basis to ensure that you're still on track with the assumptions that are guiding your staffing strategy.

Finding New Employees

You can look for new employees in two general places: inside or outside your organization. Looking inside your company is the easier of the two approaches, simply because it's a finite universe. But before you get into the specifics of your hiring strategy, you should have a general idea of what you stand to gain - or lose - when you focus your staffing efforts inside your organization or look outside for new talent.

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